From, Oregon, British Columbia, Alaska, Buffalo and Hawaii

Captain Tad Luckey (yes that’s his REAL name) was born in Eugene Oregon and had his first boat on the McKenzie River at the age of 6.  On a 12-foot Aluminum skiff with a 3 hp Johnson outboard he fished for trout, learning how to tie flies and fly fish from his father and grandfathers.  Not many parents would turn a 6 year old loose with a boat in this day and age but back then it was just part of growing up!

His family moved to Vancouver British Columbia in 1963 where they had a boat and would go Salmon “wishing” every weekend.  At the age of 15 he met a friend at school whose parents had a hunting and commercial fishing operation in Alaska.  He would spend the summers commercial fishing and help guide Moose hunters in the fall.  He made his move to Hawaii in 1972 but his love affair with Alaska has lasted over 3 decades and continues to this day with the same family he worked for back in 1969.  He spent over 20 seasons commercial fishing for Salmon in Yakutat, Prince William Sound, and Bristol Bay.  He also spent several season’s commercial crab fishing in Southeast Alaska.  After his last crab season in 2006 he bought his 38 ft. Mediterranean sport fishing yacht and decided to leave the commercial fishing to those under the age of 50!  His good friend and Captain of the crab boat said he was proud to have the oldest crew on the docks (who was almost ready to collect Social Security) but Tad’s body said “ENOUGH ALREADY!!”

Spending the summers in Alaska and the rest of time in Lahaina he met his wife Cindy in 1972.  Cindy came from Buffalo New York on a brief visit to help out her sister on Maui with their second child.  Her “brief “ visit has lasted a little longer than planned! Tad & Cindy have worked together side by side both in Alaska and Hawaii for the past 35 years.  They started out running a dive shop in Lahaina and worked their way into the Sport Fishing industry starting “Luckey Strike Charters” in 1978.  Having two boats to run and being a true “Mom and Pop” operation has been challenging but very rewarding as well.  Cindy still helps crew on the boats but spends most of her time on the phone booking reservations and keeping things organized.

Tad and Cindy have two sons, Tad (TC)  and Tyler.  Tyler held the I.G.F.A. Junior world record for Giant Trevally (Ulua) at 72.4 lbs for over ten years and is currently working in Portland Oregon.  TC worked as an electrical engineer for Lockheed Martin and moved back to Maui in 2014. He is currently teaching at Lahainaluna.  After a summer of commercial crab fishing in their teenage years, they both decided to get a higher education!